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Home loans require knowledge, commitment and patience. The home loan process can take a while, and one must ensure that your home loan is sustainably affordable long term. We are here to help you through the process, provide advice and ensure your home loan is the best option possible.

What home loan you need depends on several factors including the home you want to purchase, your budget, your deposit, how much you can pay back every month and if it is a home or investment property?

We can help you compare offers as well as guide you through the whole process.

We can fill in the lengthy paperwork and communicate with lenders. All you must do is provide the necessary documents that are requested.

Teacher's Pet is here to help answer all your questions and lead you in the right direction so you can purchase your dream home. With our team on your side, you are in great hands and are given the best advice around.

Contact us today for an obligation free discussion on about home loans and your situation. Let us help you obtain approval for the home loan for your dream home. Through partnership with a wide range of lenders you’re sure to get the best home loan for you.

Each loan is like a teacher, no two are alike.
We’ll help you find the right fit.

With over 40 lenders on our panel, we have access to one of the industry's largest lending with hundreds of loan options.

What Can You Afford?
What Can You Save?
Find Out Now!

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