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When cash rates and interest rates fall, and competition is high, it can be wise to investigate the possibility of refinancing your home loans in order to gain a better deal and possibly save hundreds off your mortgage repayments.

Whether you will look at internal (within your existing home loan provider) or external refinancing (looking to change lenders), we are here to help you.

Refinancing comes with several fees, so it’s essential to know whether short term expenses outweigh long term savings through thorough assessment.

We can do this for you and provide you with the best advice on your refinancing decisions. After this we can go through the steps with you to refinance.

Assessing options, providing advice, and sorting out the paperwork: we can do it all!

Each loan is like a teacher, no two are alike.
We’ll help you find the right fit.

With over 40 lenders on our panel, we have access to one of the industry's largest lending with hundreds of loan options.

What Can You Afford?
What Can You Save?
Find Out Now!

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Teacher’s Pet Home Loans Mortgage Process

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